Digiproofs FAQ

What is Digiproofs?
Digiproofs is a full service online hosting and print fulfillment company. Images of events are uploaded and hosted in galleries that the photographer creates through Digiproofs. End clients then log in and create orders, Digiproofs collects payment, and the orders are forwarded to ProDPI for processing!

How are files uploaded? Through some type of uploader or FTP?
Once you sign up, you will have access to a tool called Upload Express for easy file uploading.

Can I upload full res files (other site has a file limit)?
You will actually always upload your full resolution files. Part of the Digiproofs seamless ordering process includes always using full resolution files so that you never have to replace or change a file if your client orders a larger print.

How does pricing work?
- You, the photographer, pay a yearly fee of $100. Then, when you upload a gallery, you assign a price list that you create. There are two pricing tiers for Digiproofs products. You can create a price list from the As-Is tier which is printed as sent without any color adjustments. Or you can create a price list from the Premium price tier, which includes color correction for every image and Black Executive Packaging. When your customer places an order their money is collected by Digiproofs. 10% of the retail total is kept by Digiproofs, and the wholesale cost of the products ordered is subtracted. The rest is your profit!

How do you bill me for the prints in a customer’s order?
Digiproofs automatically removes the actual cost of the prints when sending you your commission check.

How do I get paid from you? As each transaction occurs? Weekly? At a certain $ threshold?
Checks are sent out on the 10th of each month for the profits from the previous month. A minimum balance of $100 must be maintained on your account before these checks are sent out, and when your first one is ready you will receive a W9 form to fill out and return.

How do I set my pricing?
You can customize the pricing for each of your products, and that pricing can be changed from gallery to gallery, based on which pricing list you assign. There are two pricing tiers to work from, the As-Is Pricing and the Premium Pricing. For information on both, please visit this link.

Does Premium service cost more than As Is?
The cost of the Premium prints is higher than the cost of the As Is prints because of the built in services.

How do I choose which products I want to offer? Do I have to offer everything?
You can create any number of customized pricing lists where you specifically choose which products you want to offer and determine their retail price. You can choose as few or as many of the available Digiproofs products and only the ones that you choose will be visible to your customer.

Can clients order any of the ProDPI products through Digiproofs?
Clients can order many of ProDPI products, but not all. Digiproofs currently offers many print sizes with a variety of mounting options, and then full list of products can be best viewed at this link. *Press products are not available through Digiproofs.

Can I order Bamboo Panel Mounts?
Yes! On many of our print sizes you can make the Bamboo Panel Mount available. See this link for a full list of available products.

Can I NOT have b&w and sepia options show up in the cart? I do separate conversions for that.
You are able to turn black and white and sepia options on and off for each gallery.

Can I also set preferences, like I want all prints on pearl or deep matte paper?
When you create your pricing list you will determine if additional paper options are available. If you do not set a price for the pearl or deep matte prints, they will not show up as an option to your customer.

When a client places an order, does it go directly to you or do I get to review it?
This is up to you! All orders go through an initial review stage where Digiproofs staff checks for cropping, file size and any other possible issues. After that, the order can either be held for Manual Review by  you, the photographer, or forwarded to ProDPI for printing. You will choose whether your gallery is held for Managed Review or automatically forwarded when you initially create the gallery and upload the images.

What kind of packaging can my orders be sent in?
At this time the only packaging that is available for print orders is the Black Executive Packaging. This packaging option is only available for products ordered through a Premium Price list.

What credit cards does the site take for clients?
All major credit cards are accepted, but paypal accounts are not accepted.

How much will customers pay for shipping?
Shipping is based on product and order total, but there are three options for your customer to choose from, Standard, 2-Day, and Next Day Air. You can preview this by adding different combinations of products in the Demo Gallery and viewing the shipping costs.

Can clients buy Digital Files, and if so, how does that work?
You can set up a digital file purchase as an actual product through Digiproofs. You can either offer the high resolution file or the low resolution file, and you can price them independently. The low resolution file will be 510×510 pixels which is suitable for phone pictures and Facebook, while the high resolution file is the same one that you have uploaded. This is available on a print by print basis.

Can you customize the digiproofs website?
Absolutely! You can add your own logo and customize the font and background colors of the page. You are easily able to make your Digiproofs look like an extension of your own website!

Can I issue gift certificates to clients?
For information on e-certificates and gift certificates can be found at this link!

Will my gallery be available immediately?
As soon as you assign a price list and make the gallery live it is available!

Can clients log in and choose all their favorites but not order anything, so that I can use those selections to make the album?
The Digiproofs service is designed specifically towards print sales so it does not have a favorites option at this time.

Is there any way to include a note or a thank you card with my orders?
All of your orders will automatically be sent with a small print that includes your studio name and logo!

Can I put my logo on anything that goes with the orders?
See answer above.